BeachSearcher Individual Tours
Complete and detailed itinerary of your trip (with the option of economy or premium segment) from ticket purchase to excursion booking. The ultimate tourist-centric alternative to a travel agency - no commissions or overpayments - you control your own spending (purchase is made on the service provider's website).
We offer a complete change of approach to holiday planning. A personalised travel itinerary from the beach tourism expert -

We have developed an innovative algorithm which is based on the travel itinerary of the tourist (and if necessary is further developed by our expert to form the perfect tour).

The itinerary consists of several points including:


Our algorithm searches not only the most obvious routes, but also calculates the options and offers the most favorable to the traveler (for example, the flight from Berlin to the Canary Islands will cost 356 euros, and our algorithm has made a complex route for 259 euros - from Berlin by train or bus to Cadiz, then by ferry to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria + is twice as exciting than just contemplating the clouds all the way, do you agree?)


We have more than 100 thousand hotels in our system and we know about them. After you note the area of your holiday and the approximate budget, we will find the most suitable accommodation for you.

In addition, some of our partners, on terms of exclusivity offer users unique conditions (eg free breakfast).


Our system will automatically find you the most favorable options for transfer from the airport (station or port) to the place of your accommodation and back


Our algorithm will prepare a single list of excursion offers, including both offers from local guides and tour operators, where you can choose either a more budget or more comfortable option. A local guide will be cheaper, and the tour operator will be with a guide who speaks your native language. All you have to do is make a choice!

User benefits
Save time
No need to search for the best offers on the market (our system will do it for you)

Saving money
Even if you find the most favorable, in your opinion, accommodation or flight option - you will not be fully convinced that this is the lowest price on the market, and our algorithm will be sure.
An unconventional approach to vacation planning
We approach planning not from the seller's side, but from the tourist's side - we're on your side!
The perfect travel itinerary at no extra cost and no wasted time with BeachSearcher Individual Tours just a few clicks away!
Who should use our service?
Travelers who want to go somewhere warm and to the sea, but haven't decided where yet
Travelers who are used to controlling everything
Tourists who firmly know where they want to vacation
"Package" tourists
Fans of package tours, ready to try their hand at independent planning
Experienced solo travelers
Professional travelers, confident that they have tried everything and can not be surprised
Our Features

beaches added manuallyTraining course price

tourists left reviews of the beaches

tourists use our service every month

source database on which the AI is based
We are expanding our own network of brand ambassadors around the world, and we can confidently say that we have expert knowledge in this area!

You help us become better!
How it works
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Filling out the form
The user fills out the form and sends it to us
Activating the algorithm
Our system receives the request and activates the search algorithm (If you need an individual consultation (check the box on the form) the system sends a request to an employee of the service, who will contact the traveler on the specified channel).
Creating a route
After receiving data on the flight, transfer, accommodation and excursions, the system, given the declared budget, selects the best route (there are several options for a route with different conditions)
Recording a route
After making a route - it is written in Google Docs file and sent to the user at the specified email.
Correction (if necessary)
If we receive corrections about created route we update it ans send tourist updated version
Enjoy the trip and leave a review of the service. Give your comments and help make the service even better
What you get as a result
Choose Your Plan
Creating a travel itinerary
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What our clients say about us
Daniel Visser
We have never seen anything like this before and for the sake of interest we decided to use this service. We were planning to go on a trip to France (Cote d'Azur) with a budget of 18 thousand dollars for 14 days for two people.

Originally our plan was to spend around $12,000 for accommodation and flights. Originally we had planned to go to the place of rest by plane, however we couldn't resist and took the route suggested by the service (romantic train journey in a luxurious coach, which took a little longer, but we got an unforgettable impression of the time spent together with the sound of a gently rocking train.

Hotel accommodation was also slightly adjusted, unlike the one we picked, the service offered an option at the same price, but with a Mediterranean breakfast.

The sightseeing program was wonderful, it turned out I knew nothing about Nice, but thanks to the guides offered by the service we received a lot of impressions from sailing to unseen places, flew over the region on a single-engine plane and enjoyed a little hiking.

All in all instead of the declared 18 thousand we spent 17 thousand dollars and it's a pity that we planned only 14 days there, we will definitely continue using the service, it is worth it and justifies itself 100%!

Synthia Smyth
What could be easier - to plan a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea in Italy? If you have experience - probably nothing, but we do not and we have always gone to vacation through a travel agency, and this time decided to take a chance and plan your vacation by yourself.

But as it turned out, not everything is as easy as it looks at first glance. Book tickets, hotels, and even pick a good beach (for us it is important).

Fortunately, came across this resource on the Internet and decided to try and the result exceeded expectations. Several options for the road, a few options for housing and detailed tour guide with the numbers of the best guides.

Moreover, the total amount was included in the budget and even, got a little money saved (about 100 euros for gifts to friends).

Would recommend the service to the relatives!
Agatha Morris
A great service for selecting a travel itinerary that focuses on the traveler's budget and preferences. I wanted to rest inexpensively in Croatia, as a student and no permanent source of income. I tried to choose the options for a vacation on my own, but I could not fit into my budget - I did not have enough money either for a flight or for accommodation (even taking into account the minimum hotel requirements). As a last chance I decided to take my itinerary with this service, and what was my surprise when my budget was 2 options (I could not even find one good enough).

Yes, as a place to stay was a hostel (not even a B&B), but that's enough for me (I've already confirmed the reservation with the owner). Instead of low-cost airline - bus economy class)), and as a tour program - a brochure from BeachSearcher with recommendations, which attractions can be visited conditionally free of charge on their own).

Great service - definitely in the top favorites!
Do you have any questions? Find answers below!
Is there a fee?
The service of making up the route is paid - the cost can be seen in the section with tariffs
Where do you get your flight information or train (ferry, bus) schedules from?
Our algorithm is linked with popular (and not very popular) services for selecting tickets, websites of airlines, train companies and bus carriers, where it gets real-time information about the cost of tickets and the route.

How are you different from
The algorithm analyzes the best offers on the market, making a comparison between all available offers, which can be presented, as on the site Bookings com, and on other sites for booking housing. Using our service you can be sure that you get complete information about availability and price

Why can't I do the same route myself?
You can - however, if you use our service, you get to see offers that are not available in the public domain, exclusive offers from our partners. And time saving, of course)
Make the route of your dreams!
Follow the link, fill out the form, and enjoy!
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