The route of your dream, Cara Dodds
We received your request:

from Pescara
Where are you planning to go to the sea from?
to Europe
Where are you planning to go?
When do you plan to start your vacation?
1-8 days
How long do you plan to rest?
Train, Plane, Car
Preferred type of transportation?
Your budget for all your travels?
B&B, hotel 3*, apartments
Hotel preferences?
How many people are planning to travel

The most prefer beach for your preference is Portoverde beach

which located not far from Portoverde (Rimini)
But our algorithm found other beaches for you - check it here

How to get there
By train
From Pescara Centrale you can get to Rimini for 2 hours (Every hour there is a train to Rimini) - 20$ - 60$
By car
You can use BlaBlaCar to get to Rimini - 15$ - 30$

Where to stay
The following lodging options are available on the dates indicated in the region:

Enjoy your trip!
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